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Random infusion of hope…..

dove-symbol-of-hopeI had an amazing encounter with a sharp young man yesterday, and I really needed it.  I’ve been depressed over all the racial division in this country; sometimes it’s so sad it kills me inside to see everything happening, and thinking our entire world is going down the tubes.   But yesterday was what I needed to instill hope and revive me.

We had stopped to eat in the middle of nowhere Illinois off of Interstate 55. We walked into a Subway to order some food, and behind the counter waiting to take our order was a very soft spoken black man, mid 20’s. I guess at first looks he was tall, with tattoos up his arms.  But I didn’t let that make up my mind.  I looked into his face and eyes and was pleasantly surprised.  The way he held himself and his eye contact spoke volumes. I could read into his character and saw so much in him that made me awestruck and curious.

I couldn’t help myself.  Usually I am pretty shy but I had to know this man’s story.  I struck up a conversation with him and he had an amazing story that put hope back in me that anyone and everyone can succeed no matter what.

He was from the east side of Chicago. He said he seen enough hell there that he wanted out. So he moved down here to go to a two year college, then he fell in love with a great woman and they have two young girls under the age of three.

He’s working hard to get through school for business management, so here he is at Subway busting his butt to take care of his family while working his way up.

I almost cried. It was inspiring. This kid’s belief and confidence were inspiring.  Standing there talking we were two human beings; two Americans, who had more in common than we both know.  There was no white or black, there were no stereotypes, or false thinking.  We were the manifestation of our deepest convictions and the show of what integrity we truly believe in.  There is no race, or division there.

Race is a social construct; it’s a false belief implanted in our heads meant to divide everyone for a dark purpose.

We can all truly stand together, and hold hands and be united even in our disagreements.  We can respect everyone even if we hold different opinions because at the end of the say the facts are all that matter; that we are all here together and we can all choose to work hard and do the right thing regardless of where we come from.

I pray for my country and I pray for everyone with love everyday.

Anyways, we left the kid a big tip and he’s in my prayers.

I think the Navy really changed me, as well as all the missionary work I did in my younger years.  After being thrown in with so many differtn kinds of people and personalities I realized that race was a joke; that people could be good people or bad people based on their own personal choices.  Skin color has nothing to do with it, and it permanently changed me.

After my stint in the Navy I never saw skin color again.  I can now read people like a book, and I can see their interior motives on them like a neon sign.

I owe the Navy hugely for honing this gift I always had.

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