My Adventure in the US Navy and the world


Our outstanding22935527 country was born on this day 239 years ago.  If you think about it, compared to most of the countries in the world, our country is still in its youth in so many ways.  And we act the part dead-on; as young kids, coming of age, we have that same brashness, freshness, and burly pushing of boundaries that teenagers and young adults are known for.

Our culture and personality are so set, and yet, we have so much growing left to do, who knows what better heights are over head for us.

But even as we have so much brightness, there is so much idle space, and there is such a potential to leave the right path for darkness in this.   I see it growing every day, sparking an increasing urgency among everyone I meet.  The cloud of sadness and uncertainty is unmistakable.  I pray we can unite and stop going into the depths, to turn away from the slaughter of all the old good values we’ve had; revolution stops being a good thing when we turn it on ourselves and it destroys us from within.

Each and every one of us represent a small piece of a bigger whole; and I believe that together we can accomplish so much good, just as we did back in 1776.

I find it meaningful that the US Navy, established over one year before the country would be, has this for their motto: “Non sibi sed patriae” ‘Not for self but for country’ which really sets the tone for the idea of the sacrifice many have given to the ideal of freedom.

I ask everyone to take a moment to remember all of the soldiers, sailors, and marines; who died on active duty, having made that full sacrifice.  For all the men and women who don’t get to cook hot dogs on the grill, or light sparklers with their kids tonight.

I ask a moment of silence for all veterans who have died, or who sadly took their own lives and gave up the fight; there are so many who fought for our country, only to come back in broken pieces that cannot be fixed.  Many, feeling abandoned, let go.

Finally, I ask everyone to give thanks to someone who is alive and has served, or is serving, and to be grateful for everything that we all have!  We are still the Land of the Free, because of the Brave!

Thanks to everyone who is serving or has ever served our country in the military.

All of our sacrifices to serve the better good of the country, no matter the motive, no matter the reason, are the bedrock on which our country has been built from Day 1.

Thank you to everyone who has ever given an oath defending our Constitution, promoting peace and keeping all of us free; able to pursue happiness and enjoy our way of life according to our good conscience.

God Bless America!

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