My Adventure in the US Navy and the world

Happy 4th of July to my beloved country!

Right now I am writing this at the stroke of midnight on the 4th of July 2017.

Happy birthday to our beloved country, and to our rights and freedoms!

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Over the past year we have had a lot of sad things like terrorism, bombings, and shootings going on all over our country as well as the world. But for tonight let’s focus on the patriots who gave the biggest commitment to our country to fight for the better good.

Last night we went to see Megan Leavey. It might have been Hollywooded a tad – but the basic premise is a woman and her bond with her military working dog, and how even leaving the service cannot separate her from that companion. It made me realize what she worked hard to earn, and what odds she was up against that she surpassed. I know from my own experience what these mountains are like to climb. But this woman, unlike me, was a hero in the fullest sense.

Seeing her working with her dog made me realize how much I wish I had been in her footsteps – I originally wanted to join the Marines working with dogs. However that dream fell through. I joke about it now but as the tears fell watching this woman succeed where I had not I realized I had nothing but awe and admiration for her, with a little mixture of loss and regret on the side.

I realize I’ve made a ton of mistakes and my military service is nothing I can brag about. It’s weird to be proud of having served, and have the best friends a person can have, all while knowing my military service is a huge smoking crater in my past.

But the folks who did brave things, who really saved lives, and who really went above and beyond the call of duty are the true heroes who need to remembered with every sparkler and every bottle rocket that is set off later tonight.

I wish I had been more like Megan Leavey. We need more folks like her. She is definitely a role model worth looking up to!

And the film really is stellar! If you have a chance, go see it and experience it at the show in the big screen! Kate Mara did an AMAZING job portraying this beautiful woman!

megan leavey

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