My Adventure in the US Navy and the world

The Keys to the Sea Chest: Adventures in the US Navy


us navy, us navy memoir, us navy adventure, military sexual trauma, PTSD, us navy snipe, snipe, damage controlmanWelcome to my blog!

The Navy truly is a world of its own, with its own culture, language, and traditions going back hundreds of years if not further. I wanted to document both the happy moments and dark struggles I experienced as a young woman in the US Navy, as well as the stories of my fellow shipmates.

The military is a unique and tough place alone – but the Navy is indeed a rough ocean for any young kid to be dropped into and learn how to swim.  It was definitely an adventure and a hard adjustment at the same time.  In spite of the darker moments I still love the Navy.  I loved my job, I loved being at sea, and I have nothing but pride having served my country.

I helped build and commission a U.S. Navy destroyer and I ran her deck plates alongside a lot of amazing shipmates.  I made the best friends a person could ever have, many of whom are still standing beside me to this day.  I worked hard and I partied just as hard, and I got to see some amazing places like the Panama Canal, and Victoria BC.

My full story is laid out as objective and truthfully as possible in my memoir Darker Than Navy Blue, which is due to publish next year!

My story is a graphic, heartbreaking, absolutely unbelievable, and honest-to-God true look at the life of a young woman trying to find herself in the US Navy.

But in this blog I want to speak of the many stories that are funny, and the healing I have come to, and have yet to get to.  I had some dark things happen to me, but I focus on the many warmer moments and in it I have found peace.  I want to bring my message of healing to anyone who wishes to read about it.


I hope you enjoy the stories you find here.

Have a very good day, and thank you for taking the time to visit.